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Das Hirn lernt nachts

Mit der Zeitumstellung naht für so manchen auch ein Schlafproblem, zumindest kurzfristig. Doch genügend Schlaf ist nicht nur für die Gesundheit, sondern auch für Lernprozesse immens wichtig. Neue Studien zeigen, dass dabei sowohl die Traumphasen als auch der Tiefschlaf eine Rolle spielen. Vor einer schwierigen Prüfung noch bis in die Puppen lernen? Das dürfte genau die falsche Strategie sein. Denn …

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Ariely, Dan. Denken hilft zwar, nützt aber nichts


Dan Ariely ist Professor für Psychologie und Verhaltensökonomie an der Duke University in North Carolina. Dies ist sein erstes Buch, das im Original im Jahr 2008 in den USA unter dem Titel „Predictibly Irrational“ erschienen ist. Auch wenn der deutsche Titel auf den ersten Blick gut gewählt erscheint, ist er meiner Meinung nach keine gelungene Übersetzung. Auch der Untertitel „Warum …

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Intuition: Typisch weiblich, typisch männlich? | Max-Planck-Gesellschaft


Die Intuition gilt traditionell als weiblich und wird der männlichen Vernunft gegenübergestellt. Doch existieren diese Stereotype nach wie vor? Glauben die Deutschen immer noch, dass Frauen bessere Intuition in Bezug auf Menschen haben als Männer? Diesen Fragen gingen Wissenschaftler um Gerd Gigerenzer am Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung nach. Wer hat die bessere Intuition – Frauen, Männer, oder gibt es keinen Unterschied? …

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How do we really make decisions?


With every decision you take, every judgement you make, there is a battle in your mind – a battle between intuition and logic. And the intuitive part of your mind is a lot more powerful than you may think. Most of us like to think that we are capable of making rational decisions. We may at times rely on our …

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How Do Healthcare Providers Use Intuition? | Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing


Psychiatrist Richard Friedman surprised himself one day during a routine appointment with a patient experiencing anxiety about a financial problem. Bothered by something in his patient Mark’s appearance, Dr. Friedman “did something out of pure intuition that I didn’t fully understand at the moment. I called his internist while he was in my office and sent him for an appointment …

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Innovation – You’re Doing It Wrong: How To Put Intuition And Ideas Before Tests And Analyses


Douglas Van Praet describes how the unconscious and the emotional drive people, and how they, not tests, should drive the business of bringing ideas to life. He offers four ways to reframe the innovation process. There’s a costly misconception hindering innovation. Marketing models hold that strategic reasoning must always precede and inform emotional execution. Before we decide to try an …

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How to develop your intuition and tap into your inner wisdom


Fact: We already know. The question is: do we have the courage to trust ourselves and follow our own wisdom? Here are a few exercises and questions to help you tap into your inner wisdom and develop your intuition! See on

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How Intuition Influences our Thought Process


As we saw with an earlier post, intuition arrives first when we make decisions. But, how does this happen? How does intuition become involved in our response to an event? Consider for a moment a restaurant’s ambiance. Objectively, it has nothing to do with the food; however, if it’s unclean, disorderly and ugly we will tend to feel there is …

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Intuition in Problem Solving: A Compass


Someone once said to me that you can’t find your way if you don’t know where you are. I countered that that would mean a compass would be useless to you. That’s not true. Unfortunately, when people talk about intuition in problem solving, then tend to think it should be as specific as cognition is. If it were, it wouldn’t …

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Intuition and Decisions


Workplaces are shifting from task-oriented environments to requiring more complex problem-solving. The way that business leaders made decisions in the past is no longer a guide to making future decisions; adopting a multifaceted approach that goes beyond traditional reasoning alone is fast becoming a crucial business practice. Such complexity allows for creativity and a focus on the role of human …

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